Bigland Bed & Breakfast

Eleonora & Raymond Godwin

Learn about rural Newfoundland & Labrador business owners and their stories with CBDC's Feature Friday!

Eleonora and Raymond Godwin wanted to take control of their own future. With news of uncertainty surrounding their jobs at the military base, they saw an opportunity and wasted no time taking advantage. Eleonora and Ray opened Big Land Bed & Breakfast in February of 2014 in the heart of Happy Valley Goose Bay. They provide tourist with a unique experience by providing a cozy ‘Home away from Home’ vacation destination in their 3 bedroom home. They are currently the only full time employees and like it that way, “The best part of what we do is meeting so many different people from all over the world. We get to learn about their culture and their adventures the same way they get to learn about ours.” Eleonora and Ray started their venture with the goal of “making any traveller feel at home and comfortable in Labrador. We wanted to share our knowledge of the area and connect our guest with other organizations and people that could help create a great travel experience.”

Big Land B&B was a project of passion for the Godwin’s. It wasn’t easy at first, they weren’t really sure where to start. They began by researching what was needed in their community and then reached out to NLOWE (Newfoundland  & Labrador Organization of Women Entrepreneurs). NLOWE helped extend the Godwin’s research and put them in contact with the CBDC. Raymond says “CBDC was a big part in getting us started. Thanks to them we were able to do the necessary renovations to get started. They saw our dream and were only too happy to help by guiding us and committing to our goal.”

Business Tip from Big Land Bed and Breakfast :
“Be sure that what you start is a passion. Think in terms of a long term goal. It will succeed if your heart is into it. That's what makes it easy to do. “

Eleonora & Raymond Godwin are fearless. Will you #BeFearless?