CBDC Social Enterprise Loan

Creating thriving rural communities where people are able to live, work, and enjoy social activities in their region has long been an objective of the Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC). We are proud to support Social Enterprises that operate a business venture in rural-based communities.

CBDC First-Time Entrepreneur Loan

Do you currently reside in a rural area and have recently made the decision to take the plunge into becoming a business owner? If your answer is a resounding yes, then your Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) may have the perfect business loan that you need to put your plans into action. We know that oftentimes it may be difficult to obtain financial assistance for a first-time entrepreneur through traditional lending channels, so we’ve developed a perfect solution, namely the CBDC First-Time Entrepreneur Loan. We also offer assistance with training and counselling services as well as we’re here to help you become a self-sufficient and profitable business owner.

Business is booming and you need funding for an expansion of your existing premises or have to construct a new building. Perhaps it’s time to purchase new equipment and additional materials in order to fulfill increased customer demand for your product. Where can you go to make your plans a reality? To your local Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) that’s where! The CBDC knows firsthand that arranging financing for expansion or the purchase of an existing business can sometimes be difficult through regular financial institutions. That’s why we’ve created the CBDC General Business Loan which is our most flexible business loan product.

CBDC Youth Loan

Oftentimes obtaining start-up capital to open a business can be a frustrating experience for youth between the ages of 18 to 34. They may have exciting new business ideas that could generate positive revenue spin-offs once the financial roadblocks are removed from their path, yet experience difficulty obtaining necessary financing. That’s where your, Community Business Development Corporation (CBDCs) Youth Loan Program comes into play.

The Consulting Advisory Services (CAS) Program gives CBDCs the ability to offer consultant advisory services to small and medium-sized businesses and not-for-profit organizations throughout the Atlantic region.

Workplace Digital Skills in rural small businesses

The goal of the DIGITAL ESSENTIAL SKILLS IN RURAL SMALL BUSINESSES national project, coordinated by the Restigouche CBDC, is to design a bilingual training model that can be used to develop the essential digital skills of rural small business employees.

Options Centre Program

The Options Centre program provides bilingual services in job search techniques and career counselling in three different regions (Saint-Quentin, Campbellton, Belledune). Employees work with a diverse clientele with needs and challenges to overcome in order to enter the labor market or return to school.

Women in Business

There are four development officers who work specifically with women business owners in the community. They provide one-on-one support to women living in both rural and urban areas. The development officers ensure that women business owners have the products and services they need to move their businesses forward.

Business Management Skills Training

Tailored skills training in special areas such as market development, bookkeeping, feasibility studies, arranging financing and business analysis.

Self Employment Benefit Program

The Self Employment Benefits (SEB) Program allows participants to continue to receive their Employment Insurance Benefits while they are getting their business up and running.

Business Counselling

Business counselling in the form of advice to new and established entrepreneurs throughout Atlantic Canada.

CBDC Innovation Loan

Advances in technology occur almost daily, and it’s important for business owners to adapt to new methods and ways of producing their products and/or services if they wish to remain competitive in today’s marketplace. Got an idea for a new to market product/service or an idea to modify an exiting product/service? To help promote the development of the knowledge-based economy and aid in the adoption or commercialization of technology, the Community Business Development Corporation (CBDC) has designed the CBDC Innovation Loan, which encourages business productivity and effectiveness in rural Atlantic Canada. New technologies may include existing methods that have been adapted or repurposed for commercial applications, as well as financing for new products or services, training, counselling as well as financial support.