Success Stories


A multidisciplinary therapy clinic for pain, injury, and arthritis, Central Laser Therapy is the 2015 Business Award of Distinction winner. Central Laser Therapy uses ancient Chinese medicine combined with modern laser therapy to treat its clients. Opened in 2008 and located in Grand Falls-Windsor, Central Laser Therapy has a staff of three...
Jo Mamma’s Coffee Hut started as an idea to bring quality coffee beverages to Summerside because we just couldn’t find the quality here we wanted that was available in other cities. After over a year and a half of market research and business planning to ensure it was a viable market, we decided to bring high end coffee to Summerside in a...
There was something in the air that made former Bostonians Yola and Forbes Christie uproot their successful careers and youngest child to forge a new life on the windswept shores of Shelburne, Nova Scotia. Perhaps it was the Celtic heritage, fiddling and step dancing that beckoned the Scot and his American wife. Perhaps it was the air itself; cool...
Nancy Firth
If ever there was a businesswoman with a no-nonsense approach to her trade, it is travel professional Nancy Firth. From the introductory phone call to the office visit through to the follow-up, Nancy exudes professionalism and what appears to be boundless self-confidence. That she has created a successful travel consultancy from her office in...
When John Wyatt started to think seriously about a career for himself, he knew it would be in the building trades somewhere. " I knew that construction could be a steady and reliable industry,: says the Montreal native who lives with his wife and family on Cape Sable Island, where she was born.


Jonathan and Victoria Paddock
Newfoundland and Labrador
Jonathan and Victoria Paddock are successful entrepreneurs and have been self-employed since 1999. They both have Commerce degrees from Dalhousie University. Victoria has a major in Marketing, while Jonathan has a major in Finance and a minor in Economics. In May of 2008, Jonathan and Victoria of Clarke’s Beach started Upper Echelon Developments...
Resource Innovations, Inc.
Newfoundland and Labrador
Natural resources and environmental needs have become an important part of business operations in Newfoundland and Labrador. Adam Anderson, President and CEO of Resource Innovations, Inc., recognized an opportunity in forest sustainability and environmental stewardship. After attending university and working in forestry, environmental and tourism...
WP Griffin
Prince Edward Island


Michiko Takatsuka
Michiko Takatsuka
New Brunswick
Caraquet’s Best Alternative Restaurant If 5 years ago someone had told Michiko Takatsuka that she would own and operate her own Japanese restaurant in Caraquet, NB, she would have most likely laughed and told them they were crazy. However, on May 12, 2005, that’s exactly what she did.